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The premise of the video revolves around four strong female characters living in the same apartment.  Two characters from Jane Eyre and two female characters from Diablo III have defied the rules of time and space and have found themselves cohabitating in our present day world.  While comparing and contrasting characters within a research paper is now a tried and true method, the medium of a video provides a comic element, while still highlighting the differences of the characters.  The video is based off of the hit MTV show, The Real World, in which strangers live together and have their lives documented.  In the video, as in The Real World, the participants reveal their true thoughts and feelings to the camera and the world in a confessional area.  All four characters take part in this and use the confessional to vent about their fellow housemates.

Initially, the characters find their differences overwhelming.  Being thrust together in a confined space brings out their personalities to the extreme and causes confrontations among them.  Droog and Jane Error stick together because they are from the same place and possess the same values.  They are both female heroines and they have trouble understanding and sympathizing with what they see as “weakness” in the characters of Mrs. Rochester and Georgiana.  Both of them poke fun at Mrs. Rochester and Georgiana, calling them “vickies” because they come from the Victorian Era and have themselves a hardy laugh at their dependence on men.  Jane Error and Droog approach living in the house as another mission that they would complete in Diablo III.  Their guards are up, and their hostility towards the other women is apparent.

Georgiana also approaches this experience as a mission, although unlike Droog and Jane Error, her mission is to find a wealthy husband.  As a character, Georgiana has not changed much from how she appears in Jane Eyre.  She is very selfish and indulgent; the only transformation that she has made by the end of the video is that she has found a husband.  The characters from Diablo III find her to be the most repugnant housemate because she has no self-reliance.  She is a flat character who has lived with her mother her entire life and now she is in search of a man to take care of her, which perplexes her fiercely independent roommates.

Unlike Georgiana, Mrs. Rochester is able to bridge the gap between the Diablo III characters and herself because as a young girl she became a heroine in her own right and shaped her own destiny.  Jane Eyre was able to escape Mrs. Reed’s home, go to school to receive an education, and find her-self a job, all before she decided to settle down with Mr. Rochester.  While at first Droog and Jane Error were weary of her, they came to realize that as heroines, they are similar in many ways, despite the fact that Mrs. Rochester has settled into domestic life.

Having three resilient female heroines taking up residence together, highlights the importance of independent and powerful women figures in all types of works, across the centuries.  While at the same time, Georgiana acts as the female anti-hero because her only goal is to procure herself a husband of means.  The fact that these three unique and formidable women have found common ground amongst each other shows how unchanged the important aspects of the female heroine are, even in our modern society.  Our culture has valued the presence of self-assured female protagonists for centuries, while we continue to mock characters like Georgiana Reed for her deviation from these values.  While the mediums in which these characters are found has greatly evolved over the years, the strong female characters that inspire generations have not.

In our modern society, we associate with strong female characters because we have been groomed to do so.  We look to heroines to guide our own actions.  Thus we ask ourselves “what would Jane Eyre do?  When Jane Eyre frees herself from Mrs. Reed, acquires a fortune, and marries her soul mate she has achieved an epic win.  Droog and Jane Error also experienced their own epic win when they defeated the Skeleton King.  In following the journeys of these heroines, we are going on our own search in order to achieve our own epic win using the tools given to us by our female idols.  These characters have become part of our collective unconscious, so we use their decisions to model our actions in the modern world in order to try and achieve our own epic win.  However, our modern society is dissimilar from the environments in which these characters achieve their epic wins in every way.  So if we implement our heroines actions into our own lives and use their reasoning to achieve our own gains would we end up being successful, or would our success hinge on emulating a heroine who understands our modern culture?  The video takes this idea a step further.  Challenging these heroines to replicate their epic wins in our society on a reality show.  The images we have of these women in our minds, guiding us through our own journeys are suddenly real, and as we know from many reality shows, people are often more than they appear.

While upon first watching these heroines interacting with each other, it may not appear that they have achieved and epic win, in our modern society they have.  At the center of most reality show is the squabbling that goes on among the residents.  These four women also had their fair share of petty arguments, mostly centered on Georgiana.  However, by the end, Mrs. Rochester, Droog, and Jane Error had resolved their differences, found a common ground, and formed a united front.  In our modern society achieving peace and unity with people you do not immediately identify with is an epic win, even if it is not defeating the Skeleton King.  Therefore, it is evident that these heroines, even though they are not from our time period are women we should look to in order to guide our own actions so that we can achieve our own epic win.


Savauna and I choose to work together on this project because we worked on the collaborative project together and we found that we work really well together.  We were determined to make sure that we contributed to the success of the project equally.  We filmed the video together and shared the acting duties.  Savauna wrote the script for the video and sent it to me to edit and approve.  She also edited the video because I have never edited a video before.  Her skill in this area and proved invaluable.  I wrote the project essay and sent it to Savauna so she could proofread it and approve the final draft.  We both feel that we had an equal part in making this project a success.



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