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Eventing, MMC Style

“I want to buy a horse!!! I have 10 thousand, and I must have the following:

4 month old fillies first day of weaning.  4 month old fillies first day of weaning.

No mares, mares are mare-ish. I cannot tolerate a mare.  I want at least 16.3 or taller.  I don’t like the short horses, I look too tall on the shorter horses. Yes, I realize I am only 5′, but my leg hangs on anything less than 16.3  I need it trained and safe.  I don’t want anything that might run off with me…at the walk.  Nothing older than 7, nothing younger than 6.  It MUST pass a PPE.  (Pre-Purchase Exam)  That means it absolutely can have NOTHING wrong with it.  And by nothing, I mean NOTHING.  I don’t care how many times it has raced since age 2, it must have NO blemishes, bumps, etc.  It must jump 3’6″, even though I have no plans to go…

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